Xtone Orobico Dark Nature 1640x3280x12mm (NZ Stock)


New Zealand Stock


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Actual colour may vary from images shown.
Shade and tone variations are a natural characteristic of ceramic and porcelain.
Xtone 12mm is only available through Authorised fabricators

Care and Maintenance

For good maintenance and care of XTONE, it is recommended to clean the surface with a bench top cleaning solution.
We recommend Lithofin Easy-Clean or other neutral bench top cleaner be used in the dilution recommended by the manufacturer.

Hygenic and Antibacterial
Ideal for direct contact with food, it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), and also prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
Non Porous
The non-porosity of the sintered compact prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, preventing the accumulation of odors.
Easy to Clean
Easy daily maintenance without the need for special products. Quality assured backed by the material’s 10-year guarantee.
UV Stable
UV-resistant, it ensures unparalleled durability thanks to its surface stability.
Resistant to Ice and Frost
Stable to sudden temperature changes, it withstands the most extreme cold conditions, being suitable both indoors and outdoors.
Scratch and Inpact Resistant
Extremely resistant to scratching with cutting utensils when taking minimum precautions. Capable of absorbing the energy from impacts and loads, maintaining its integrity.
Chemical and Stain Resistance
Unalterable to household chemicals and high resistance to any type of stains.
Fire and High-temp Resistance
It is resistant to direct contact with hot utensils. Fireproof and fire-retardant, its look and performance are not altered.

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